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PC Based CW Training Software

If by chance you are interested in improving your CW Morse Code copying skills, click on the link below to download a simple and versatile software program that will generate CW .WAV files, etc. It is created using Microsoft .NET 4.0 and should operate on all modern Microsoft operating systems. Don’t worry about any viruses or cookies, it will be a clean install, as I do this for a living. After downloading it, open the file and continue the install using the defaults. The name of the software is ‘CW Forever’. There will be an icon on your desktop and on your Start—Programs menu. See contact info for any questions, suggestions or difficulties, and be sure to read the online Help documentation. I bet you will like this software if you are passionate about improving your CW copying skills! Also, check back later for any new releases as new requested features are added.

73, W9RFX— January, 2014

NOTE: Version 3.1 is now available for download. If you have a previous version installed, please upgrade, and un-install the old before installing the new. Release 3.0 after 7 months has had well over 1000 downloads from individuals throughout the world that are passionate about improving their skill. This version fixes a small bug where if the speed is set to below 10 WPM, one could not save or load .WAV files (Thanks Patrick). Oh, if after installing on XP, and the fonts do not look right, make sure you have your Display Properties DPI setting at Normal Size 96 DPI (email me if you have problems). If there are any other features that should be added, or observed bugs, let me know. Keep practicing and keep on keying! 73 - Geo - W9RFX - July 11th, 2014

Also: FYI, I started a eHam Review for the software. - eHam CW Forever Review

NOTE: With Version 3.0, I had received a lot of feedback, and thanks, and added many new features, and fixed a lot of bugs, some of which are embarrassing. But winter is almost over in Minnesota, and I want to do other things, so I thought I would finish up this new release and make it available. As a note, for Random Call Signs feature, over 19000 call signs are included, (all the members of FOC, CW OPs, Fists, SKCC and NAQCC), and they are available in training mode (and for contest training). This software is now full featured and supports Koch, Farnsworth, and many other things that have been requested; and if you can think of any other feature, let me know. And, yes, it is still, and always will be, free! March 13th, 2014

Download CW Training Software (Release 3.1): Download

Notes: Supported operating systems are Windows XP, service pack 3 and later. You will have to have Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed on your computer, if it is not already. If your computer does not have .NET 4.0 installed, you can get the redistributable from Microsoft, below. This version became available in 2010 and many software applications these days use it.

Link to Download Microsoft .NET 4.0 Redistributable: Download

This CW training software is intended to improve your morse code copying skills. This is achieved by providing a simple and yet versatile means for the creation of CW .WAV 'music' files. Files can be created with multiple source text options. Created CW .WAV files can be saved to the hard disk, reloaded, or then burned to a CD or converted to MP3 files for use on an MP3 player. By listening to generated CW files maybe an hour or so a day while walking the dog, exercising, or commuting, you will be amazed at how rapidly your ability progresses. Initially, keep word length to 5 characters maximum, and create a sequence of files, maybe each file of 10 minute duratition, at a gradually increasing speed (WPM).

The first goal of this software is simply to improve and strengthen your ability to copy CW.

The second goal of this software is to improve the copying of CW in your head, without writing it down, as it is then just one less thing to do.

The third goal is to provide a means to reach a level where one can copy CW as units of words, versus characters, in a most expeditious fashion. I believe the options provided by this software achieve this goal.

And, indirectly, the final point is that partaking in the path towards mastering high speed CW is an EXTREME MENTAL EXERCISE that will reward you in many ways.

And finally, there is a lot of other software out there that achieves the same ends, and I had no intention of competing or diminishing the activity of others. No matter what software you choose to use, keep copying, keep keying, and it will keep your brain sharp.


 Contact Info: Geo at W9RFX.geo@gmail.com

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